An EventSubscriber knows himself what events he is interested in. If an EventSubscriber is added to an EventDispatcherInterface, the manager invokes {@link getSubscribedEvents} and registers the subscriber as a listener for all returned events.

Known implementers

ApiGen\EventSubscriber\ConfigurationTemplateVariablesEventSubscriber , ApiGen\EventSubscriber\ElementsTemplateVariablesEventSubscriber , ApiGen\EventSubscriber\ProgressBarEventSubscriber

Methods Summary
# getSubscribedEvents( )
Returns an array of event names this subscriber wants to listen to. The array keys are event names and the value can be: * The method name to call (priority defaults to 0) * An array composed of the method name to call and the priority * An array of arrays composed of the method names to call and respective priorities, or 0 if unset For instance: * array('eventName' => 'methodName') * array('eventName' => array('methodName', $priority)) * array('eventName' => array(array('methodName1', $priority), array('methodName2')))