Smart and Readable Documentation for your PHP project

Requires PHP 5.4+

Proven by

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Download and setup for global access

chmod +x apigen.phar
mv apigen.phar /usr/local/bin/apigen
apigen --version

# get help for generate command
apigen generate --help

Simplest Use

# generate source for "src" dir, output to "api" dir
apigen generate --source src --destination api

# or with shorter option syntax
apigen generate -s src -d api

Killer Features

  • simple to use, fast to generate
  • fuzzy search class you're looking for
  • traits support
  • highlights docblocks via Markdown
  • page with elements marked with @annotation (add option --annotation-groups=annotation)
  • highlights source code
  • ...and many other options (to show them all run `apigen generate --help`)